Sunday, 29 January 2012

Love Songs On The Radio

(Mojave 3: Love Songs On The Radio)

Mojave 3 there, with the beautiful 'Love Songs On The Radio'. You're listening to Pete's Drivetime Hour on Shoreline FM on 82.2 FM, online, digital radio and digital TV, and coming up shortly for you my lovely listeners: we've got the beautiful Julie with the weather and the not-so beautiful Martin with today's drivetime traffic.

I know that some of you will be thinking hang on, that's not on our usual daytime playlist, that song, old Pete's gone a little off-piste for a moment there. And you'd be right, my lovelies. Even had to bring my own CD in - if you've seen our studio webcast at the usual address slash livestudio you'll know it's all computers now, but isn't that the way of the world. Amazing how things that we think would last turn out to be yesterday's news. Might get into a little bit of bother with the higher-ups for playing some music that's not on the playlist, but it's a special day and I thought that a one-off might sneak under the radar.

I know what you're all thinking, old Pete's gone off his rocker, but don't worry my lovelies, I'm saner today than I have been for a long, long time. We don't play many requests on this show, but if we did and I could send in a request to myself, today it would be that song. Beautiful, isn't it? But you know what it's like with songs, I don't need to tell you this. Wherever you are now: at home, in the office or factory, or stuck in your car on the way home, if I said to you think of a song that means something to you, really means something to you, it's about more than the music, isn't it? It's always about more than the music.

That song's a beautiful number, bit of a country touch, would pull at old Pete's heartstrings anyway, but like I said my lovelies, it's about more than the music, isn't it? It's about the way that a song stops you in your tracks, strips away the years, and takes you right back to that moment, that one precious moment, so real that for a moment you're there, in a poky rented attic room, and you can hear the autumn rain on the skylight and that song playing on her cheap hifi, and you lean in towards each other for the first time, and in that moment you know that everything has changed. That nothing will be the same again.

That song becomes your song. Might be other people's too, but they don't matter. It's your song. The years go by, and you don't listen to it very often, but still it's there, your song. Then things grow tired and one year, you start to wonder, and the wonder turns into something else, and that something else is a cancer that eats and eats away at you, and you start to check phone bills, and steal receipts out of the bin, and every word seems to have two meanings, and every reason sounds like an excuse, and you jump between telling yourself that everything is OK and fearing that everything is not, and then one day you happen to change your routine and you're in an unexpected place at an unexpected time and there it is, you find out for sure that everything isn't OK, and that it will never be OK again.

So you play that song.

One last time. Because it's a beautiful song.

And in that moment you know that everything has changed. That nothing will be the same again.

And now it's time for Martin with today's drivetime travel on your local favourite, Shoreline FM coming to you on 82.2 FM, online, digital radio and digital TV . So, Martin, how's it looking on the ring-road tonight?

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